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Our Process

We have a seven step process for working with you. We chose 7 because it is a lucky number and eight just does not sound as good. 

  1. We meet with you either virtually or in-person for a “Discovery” meeting in which we spend about 30 minutes finding common ground for us to work together.
  2. At our next appointment we will spend time listening and talking with you about your current situation and what your needs and goals are. All of our tools are virtual and come in the form of either a fillable PDF or Docusign. This is a more secure and effective means of delivering paperwork and content to you.
  3. Then we utilize a straightforward method of measuring your tolerance to risk called Riskalyze. It will tell us what your risk comfort zone is based on science and not just someone telling you what it is.
  4. Once we find out your risk comfort zone, we work to help you build a diversified investment strategy with the goal of helping you participate in the gains while reducing your downside.
  5. Next we will create a financial plan using eMoney that starts with what we know today and works forward so we can set realistic goals.
  6. We will provide ongoing education in the form of WebEx’s, newsletters and social media.
  7. We will meet with you virtually 2-3 times per year or as your needs change.